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Your work is to discover your work and with all your heart, give yourself to it...(Buddha)

Hi, I'm 32 years old, tall, dark and just that (",).
I work in the IT office in a local government agency and part of my task there is we provide free computer training as part of our community service in behalf of the city government of Taguig.

My Personal History:
  1. I was born in Manila and but i'm living in Taguig City since my high school age.
  2. I graduated in the Lyceum of the Philippines, BS in Computer Management
  3. I took up 21 units of Education in University of Makati
  4. I'm presently taking up my Masterate Course in Information Technology at Central Colleges of the Philippines
  5. My work experiences? I've become a data encoder, dispatch clerk, filing clerk, billing clerk, a pre-need and real estate sales agent, free-lance computer tutor, high school computer instructor, administrative coordinator, a free-lance computer technician,IT data controller, IT educational project coordinator, IT group manager. WHEW!! and still no money and honey...hehe

Dont look at me please...

That's me folks..(",)

I really like expressing my points of view. I do want to learn advanced web design and programming so that i could put up my personally designed web site and also become an Information Technology evangelist.

I like to discuss philosophical ideas, religion, zen, and making comments.

I consider myself, a bit individualistic but idealistic. I've lost my innocence (however you may interpret that) a lot of times and come to believe that in the end...

Each Must Be His Own Guru...THANKS

My favorite movies:

Matrix, Forrest Gump, Schindler's List, Independence Day, Hook, Terminator 2, Cobra, Shaolin Legend, All Bruce Lee films, All Jacky Chan films, Kung Fu Hustle, Blade, Braveheart, Die Hard 1,2,3.

My favorite bands/artist: Local and International

Beatles, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Eminem, Robbie Williams

Juan dela Cruz band, Sampaguita, Asin, Banyuhay ni Heber, Florante, Freddie Aguilar, Eraserheads, River Maya, Wolfgang, Francis M, Philippine Violators, Wuds, The Dawn,The Youth, Bamboo

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Last Update: July 10, 2006