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"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder"

Welcome to Michael O. Sabe Personal Site!

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to any article on this
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Welcome HUNTERS!

This site contains varied resource of information. Even though, it was intended for my personal viewing and to serve as my online information resource; it may spark an interest to somebody, who, just like me, in some way, simply loves to browse and hunt for information.

 To my friends and colleagues who visited this site, thank you--i owe you a cup of coffee.
To my students, please go directly to the link as instructed and you may explore later as you wish.

To navigate this site, you may use the navigation menu on the left side or choose a link below which contains a brief description of what it contains.

Here you will find the following resources:
Educational Articles (relating to the Philippines educational system, general issues in education)

Quotations (from the Beatles, famous quotations, quotation matches and contradictions)
Useful Links (relating to education, computers, web page design, tutorials, online reviewers for teachers, computer online quizzes)
Free Articles  (inspirational articles)

What's New?

Beatles Quotations Page

My HTML Tutorial Site

MOS Haven

Alexander's Viewpoints Series

Global Taguig Home Page

My Online Teachers Board Exam Reviewer: Note: use the following password to gain access: username:hornung458982, password: p002

New update to this site:
Quotations Page (added: 5/17/05)
My IT-LSB Links (added 5/29/05)

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