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"I might not agree with what you say but i will fight for your right to say it..." (Voltaire) 

Articles on the list
  1. The Influence of Culture, Customs and Traditions in the Writing of the Curriculum 
  2. Perspectives on the Content of the Philippine Constitution Educational Policies Implementation
  3. Activities to promote Values Education
  4. Higher Level Thinking  
  5. The Philippine Educational System
  6. Historical Perspective: Philippine Educational System
  7. The BEC (Basic Educational Curriculum) 2000-2001
  8. Philippines Department of Education: Brief History
  9. Components of Effective Teaching




My apologies for not providing reference links yet. It is always a policy to give credit to those whom their works in any way contributed to your work. Some materials were also 'original materials' meaning only the general terms were used but the text is original. 

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